Student Council

The Student council is a student body being run by the students for the welfare and improvement of the student community in the school. The Council is headed by the heads and vice-heads of the Shifts. The Student Council consists of the prefects of each class, active involvement is from class 8-12.Each class has two prefects, a boy and a girl. There are also various other monitors who are responsible for various things like electricity conservation, black board maintenance, furniture maintenance,etc.., These monitors come under the Prefects, but are not included in the hierarchy of the student council.

The members of the student council are the representatives of the student community. They frame rules, principles,etc.., for their own community and implement it. The management has empowered the student council to bring in a prominent change in the school recently. The Vice Heads are nominated while they enter IX Year and they succeed their heads as heads when they enter X.