To the Parents

We request parents to read the dairy and familiarize themselves with the functioning of the school. Any communication made by the parents should be addressed to the Principal on a white A4 sheet paper only. Parents who wish to meet their child during class hours are to obtain permission from the office.

A Parent - Teacher Meeting will take place at the end of every term. This termly meeting will give parents a comprehensive feedback on the child performance. Parent have the opportunity to interact with teachers in the course of the term 1st Wednesday after the students dismissal time and every 3rd Saturday between 11.30 and 12.30 pm for the classes 2 to 9. Parents are encouraged to avail this opportunity to get a more detailed analysis on the child's academic performance.


Monday - Friday : 09.00 - 04.30

Saturday : 09.00 - 01.30


Parents wishing to withdraw their children at the end of the academic year must inform the school in writing on or before 15th March. A written requisition for Transfer Certificate from the parent or guardian of the student should be submitted to the office. The Transfer certificate will be issued after the last working day. Parents applying for the Transfer Certificate after the 15th of March will have to pay the first term fees for the next academic year.