The Andrews Matriculation School (AMS) Vickramasingapuram, was founded in 1990 by a young visionary couple, Mr. Gnanaselvam B.Sc B.Ed, a socially motivated worker, along with his wife Mrs. Daisy Gnanaselvam, M.Phil, M.A, B.Ed. Rich in enthusiasm, the devoted pair launched their first campus on their own premises of twenty five cents. The young couple had to face a myriad of initial difficulties in making their vision a reality. Over the years, however, they have successfully overcome these difficulties with unflinching devotion to their original mission.

Today, AMS is one of the largest school in the city. It has over 850 students on roll. Its academic performance is the envy of all with annual results of almost 100 percent of the students passing with the first division or Grade 'A' marks. It is getting increasingly known for producing citizens of quality and character.

Because AMS draws its large student body from all parts of Vickramsingapuram and since many of its students enter the school at pre-school age, the excellence of its students can only be explained by a highly motivating, encouraging and nurturing environment. Such an atmosphere engenders a climate of success in which ordinary children begin to accomplish extraordinarily.

In the co-curricular activities too, the institution has begun to make an impact in the recent years. This is reflected in the extraordinary achievements of its students in all sports and co-curricular activities, singing and other competitions at national and international levels.