From the Correspondent

Andrews Matriculation School aims to provide an all-inclusive educational programme that nurtures and enhances the innate. learning predisposition of the child, thereby fostering in the child a life long love for learning. The personality develpment of the child is given vital importance along with academic achievement. The school incorporates various cultural forms into the curriculum to enrich the child's experience. Vedic heritage-teaching programme has been introduced to enable the child to assimilate values while being rooted in our culture.

It is the emotional well being of the child that enhances the development in all other areas. Very often young children become highly anxious when separated from their mother. This causes a sense of insecurity in the child. Hence we have the parent-child programme, where a parent of a pre primary child accompanies and stays with the child at school. This makes the separation gradual and non - traumatic for the child. For the benefit of the accompanying parent, workshop on parental issues, Yoga and Vedic Heritage teaching programmes are organized.

Andrews Matriculation School strives to bring out the best in every child, be self-assured, imbibe the value of values and discover the joy of learning.

Andrews Matriculation School